What is ONEverse?

Cross-Chain Gaming and Defi Project in 2D, 3D, and VR for everyone to play! Games run on Polygon but are accessible via 10+ EVM Chains!
We envision a future where the public controls the metaverse in a decentralized manner and we at ONEverse want to be that start. With true cross-platform gaming in the 2D, 3D, and VR realms, the ONEverse will onboard the crypto and gaming communities into a shared metaverse where creators can create, players can play, buyers can buy, and sellers can sell. As proof of concept, we've launched our own set of games beginning with our own sets of NFTs. With a full storyline and robust game modes, we are certain the ONEverse has a bright future.
Our mission is to create a Play2Earn game that introduces enjoyable and immersive content and to forge a platform that onboards a diverse user base. The game will introduce passive and interactive ways to earn tokens and play, catering to a wide audience.
Our secondary mission is to create a transparent and sturdy community to support, grow, and build ONEverse. This will be achieved through the upcoming ONEverse Community DAO, which gives tokens in our ecosystem weight to vote on future developments in-game and out.
Play2Earn gaming is a growing industry that utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFT). ONEverse’s vision is to secure our spot in a global economy that continues to integrate blockchain technology at a brisk pace. To make the metaverse more accessible, transparent, and understandable to all potential community members, which will be a strong pillar in the early stages of NFT gaming.
With this expansion of interest in P2E gaming, this is arguably one of the greatest times to plant seeds and grow a community. P2E gaming took off in 2021-2022, which exceeded analyst expectations and changed the NFT community as a whole. Still, an abundance of people has yet to experience P2E for a profusion of understandable reasons. As a team we want to tackle those profusions head-on and will make it possible for:
  • Players - to have the possibility to get involved in P2E with a low entry barrier.
  • Lenders - to have the possibility of lending an NFT to another player for a fee. Further diversifying the in-game economy and rewarding holders.
  • Community - to vote and propose ideas they deem the best fit for the overall growth and development of ONEverse. This will be achieved by braiding the ONEverse Community DAO into fundamental project decision-making.
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